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GINMG - Original Gin

GINMG - Original Gin, Special Dry

Double distilled gin with ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin based on the most accurate selection of juniper berries following the London Gin method.

It is a neutral and dry gin excellent to be mixed with any drink.

“Transparent, vitreous gin, with a penetrating edge and blinking flashes in its clean and brilliant bottom. An elegant distillate and refined in nose, with abundance of juniper and fresh grass notes, slightly punctured but very balsamic and with refined souvenirs of resin. On the palate, it is a tasty and delicate gin, very aromatic and reminds you of juniper berries. Expression of an important distillation period is the perfect balance between its alcohol and its softness, roundness and elegance in its long final taste.”
Source : Magazine Restauradores.

It is offered in 700ml and 1 l bottle, pilfer-proof cap, in boxes of 6 and 12 units. 40% Alc. Vol.